A woman sits with her arm around the woman next to her in the church pew.

Meet Betsey & Susie

It seems in every other church, being gay was always a discussion point. Or there was something we needed to talk about or make a decision on. That was such a relief to realize that it wasn’t a focus here — and it would never be a focus.
Two men sit and talk

Meet Ken and Jason

Even when I was living in Silver Spring and going to a UCC church up there, sometimes I would play hooky and come down to sing with the Men’s Choir here at Rock Spring…I would do anything to sing with my son. That’s always been very special to me.
A smiling person in a pink and black dress sitting in a pew

Meet Betsy

Conversation and meaningful analysis and question-asking, all of that is very welcome…doubt is even welcome! Exploring my life as an artist in the church is a bit of a new thing. Art is a gateway to new ideas, and looking at some of the traditional things in a new way — there’s always a great breadth of mystery in that. I’m thankful that Rock Spring has been open to my offerings, whatever they may be.
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Meet Takako

When I came to the church I saw a peace pole, and that really made me very happy because on Maui where I used to live for 30 years, we had a peace pole…that’s a good sign! We really have to work to eliminate any type of wars — there are about 60 small, local wars going on at this moment — but one by one, I hope that the world can be one peaceful place.
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Meet Jerry

I grew up in a very faith-based setting…and came to Washington to work with Congress because of my strong desire to make a difference. What I find about Rock Spring is it’s a real place of not just filling up your soul, but trying to make an impact in the world. It’s really a place that looks not only inward, but outward.