Statement of Intent


What’s Your Why?

Rock Spring’s budget is not just numbers in a spreadsheet. It is a recommitment to our values, and a representation of our faith in action. It reflects our collective “why” – the programs, ministries, causes, values, and communities we are committed to. The Stewardship Committee believes that if every member and friend of Rock Spring asks and answers “What’s your why?” faithfully, our mission and ministry will flourish! We invite you to join us in pledging your support for our faith community in the year ahead. To pledge online, please complete this form.

We encourage you to elect to fulfill your pledge through an automated gift if you are able. Nearly 65% of Rock Spring’s pledges are received through automatic withdrawals which provides Rock Spring a dependable cash flow.

As you consider making automated payments, please be aware of processing and transaction fees and consider a method that lowers these fees. Some members have authorized Rock Spring to make monthly ACH withdrawals from their bank account – this incurs no fees. Others prefer to give online via Rock Spring’s Breeze database, either through bank withdrawals, which incur per transaction fees; or by credit card, which incurs both per transaction and processing fees.

Please provide a canceled check if you would like Rock Spring to make monthly ACH withdrawals on your behalf from your bank account. If you already give through Breeze and are changing your contribution level, please take a minute to update your contribution by using the Give tab on the Rock Spring website. We of course always welcome contributions delivered by mail or in person to Rock Spring.

Have questions about pledging? Reach out to our Financial Secretary, David Tornquist, at