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Statement of Intent

2022 Statement of Intent:
a future with hope. 

We are grateful for your presence at Rock Spring and steadfast support of the Congregation, and invite you to make a pledge for 2022.

We encourage you, if you are able, to elect to fulfill your pledge through an automated gift. Nearly 65% of Rock Spring’s pledges are received through automatic withdrawals which provides Rock Spring a dependable cash flow.

As you consider making automated payments, we ask that you take into account the processing and transaction fees and select a method, if you are able, that lowers these fees. This would allow more of your gift to go directly to Rock Spring’s mission and activities. Some members have authorized Rock Spring to make monthly withdrawals from their bank account which incurs no fees. Others prefer the flexibility of giving through Breeze either through bank withdrawals, which incur per transaction fees; or credit card, which incur per transaction and processing fees.

There is no wrong way to give and Rock Spring appreciates all contributions.  If you are interested in Rock Spring initiating monthly withdrawals to automate your gift, please complete the pledge form below. You may also automate your contributions using Breeze through Rock Spring’s online form here. If you have questions about automating your pledge, please contact our Financial Secretary, David Tornquist, at

To pledge online, please fill out the form below.

Please be sure to indicate under the “Withdrawal Method” section if you would like Rock Spring to make monthly withdrawals on your behalf from your bank account to fulfill your pledge. You may also fulfill your pledge online using the Give tab on the Rock Spring home page or by delivering your contribution by mail or in person to Rock Spring.

This is the amount (in U.S.dollars) you will give with each gift, multiply this amount by the frequency of the gift for the yearly total.
This is the frequency with which you will be paying on your pledge.
This is the total amount (in U.S.dollars) of the pledge.