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Rock Spring's Commitment to Give

“To whom much is given, much will be expected.” - Luke 12:48

Rock Spring takes its commitment to sharing our resources with others seriously. Of every dollar that is received in pledged income at Rock Spring, 20 cents is given to Rock Spring's Wider Mission. The wider mission funds are disbursed in two main ways: the United Church of Christ and Community Partners.

Five for Five

We support the four Special Mission Offerings of the United Church of Christ and Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support.

Neighbors in Need

Received in October, this offering is taken in many UCC churches like Rock Spring. It is used to support environmental justice, Native American ministries, and other justice-oriented work within the United States. For more information visit http://www.ucc.org/nin/

One Great Hour of Sharing

Received in March, this offering taken in many UCC churches and in churches of dozens of other denominations, is used to supply immediate disaster relief within the United States and throughout the world. For more information visit http://www.ucc.org/oghs/

The Christmas Fund

Received in December, this fund is used to offset the sometimes small retirement benefits of retired ministers and lay workers in the United Church of Christ, It also provides emergency relief to people working in UCC settings and to their spouses. For more information visit http://www.pbucc.org/interior_art.asp?id=CF_Donate

Strengthen the Church

Received in May/June, this offering helps to spread the inclusive and embracing message of the United Church of Christ by helping start new congregations and to develop existing congregations for ministry in the 21st century. For more information visit http://www.ucc.org/stc/

Our Church’s Wider Mission

Rock Spring commits 20 cents of every dollar to support the work of the various Associations and Conferences of the United Church of Christ and the work of the national offices located in Cleveland, Ohio. Together, we work for peace with justice, as well as an inclusive gospel throughout the Unted States and with our partners throughout the world. For more information visit http://www.ucc.org/ocwm/basic-support.html

Community Grants

Each year Rock Spring gives grants to whose work makes a real difference in the lives of people and whose mission reflects the core values to which Rock Spring is committed. Grant requests are received through mid-summer and grants are distributed in the fall.

Latest News

Back by popular demand, the Produce Bagging Program in Carpenter Hall will be up and running starting in May, on Monday afternoons. This program helps local gardeners get their produce to local food pantries.