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2016 Community Partners Grant Recipients

Rock Spring’s Social Action and Mission Board is charged with the responsibility for managing the church’s Wider Mission budget, which includes grants to Community Partners who share our passion for social justice. The Community Partners Grants process is initiated each spring by the Board’s Grants Subcommittee, which invites a number of organizations to submit a request for a grant. The invitation letter, grant questionnaire and guidelines are mailed in April with a June deadline for application submissions. Those organizations that do not receive invitations by mail are still eligible—and welcome—to apply for a grant. Grants are not made to individuals. 

The Grants Subcommittee assesses the applications it receives and presents recommendations to the Social Action and Mission Board in August. Priority consideration will be given to Community Partners that not only meet the most basic human needs of our community but to those that also can benefit from the hands-on involvement of Rock Spring member volunteers.

Once grantees are confirmed, the Grants Subcommittee will send letters to all applicants—whether they will receive grants or not—and checks are issued as funds become available throughout the third quarter of year. In recent years, the Social Action and Mission Board has granted approximately $36,000 to our Community Partners who provide essential social services and assistance to their clients.

Grant awards totaling $36,000 will go to 13 community organizations in 2016 through the Social Action and Mission board (SAM).  Award amounts range from $1,000 to $5,000. 

2016 Awardees

  1. APAH:  $1,000
  2. ASPAN:  $1,000
  3. Arlington Thrive:  $5,000
  4. Bridges to Independence:  $1,000
  5. Community Lodgings:  $1,000
  6. Culpepper Garden:  $5,000
  7. Just Neighbors:  $2,500
  8. Martin Luther Elderly Day Care Center, Jerusalem:  $1,000
  9. OAR:  $5,000
  10. SEEC:   $5,000
  11. Shaw Community Ministries:  $5,000
  12. Shelter House:  $2,500
  13. VOICE:  $1,000
The SAM Grants Committee was headed by Laura Jackson, and included Cheryl Ramp, Sam Smith, Diana Maxwell, and Andrea Maresca.   Individuals recused themselves from any decisions regarding agencies where they are employed.

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