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What’s Your Why?

October 31, 2022

In worship October 30, Carolyn Hart, chair of this year’s Stewardship Campaign, invited Rock Springers to consider their “why” – Why do you come to Rock Spring? Why do you love this place? Why does the world need church? Carolyn’s why is Abundance: “I believe Rock Spring needs to exist to provide the counter-argument to current culture. It needs to exist robustly, and supported generously by us, so that the counter-argument is compelling and demonstrable; so that the counter-claim of God’s love for us and for the world is made more apparent through us than without us. There is an abundant list of reasons specific to Rock Spring – from sacred circles to choir, from gardens to solar panels, from next door to around the world. This list shows that our gleanings are way more than our givings. My bottom line for why I give to Rock Spring is that I know abundance here.”

We want to know your “why” — download this sheet, write in your why, and send a selfie or short video to