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Thank You! from SVP

August 10, 2021

Members and Friends of Rock Spring,

On behalf of our board of directors and the small army of volunteers who make Solar Village Projects mission possible I would like to say thank you for the incredibly generous gift of $24,000 your congregation has made to our COVID-19 relief efforts in India.

Rock Spring’s support has already brought much needed sustainable and reliable solar power to so many rural communities in India and now thanks to your support, once again, we will be able to bring solar to rural health clinics too.

India’s rural health care infrastructure has always been challenged but COVID-19 overwhelmed the system. Critically, according to the think tank Power For All, 50% of rural health clinics in India don’t have access to reliable electricity.

Modern medicine can save lives but only if there’s reliable access to electricity for storing vaccines and blood, and to power critical equipment like oxygen generators and ventilators.

It’s hard for us here to imagine going to a clinic or hospital without working power for large parts of the day and night. But for people living in rural India that is the reality — and that’s why these projects are so critically important.

Rock Spring’s support for our Covid Relief Campaign is going to ensure that the clinics we work with have sustainable and reliable access to electricity 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. These projects your congregation made possible will literally help save lives.

Not only is your support going to impact the well being of countless people in need of healthcare, it’s also helping in our fight against climate change by raising awareness of the fact that solar power is more reliable and accessible for rural communities.

Solar power is the future and Rock Spring’s continued and generous support is what helps us make clean, reliable, sustainable power the energy choice of tomorrow for those living in energy poverty today.


Joe Kselman
Solar Village Project