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Summer Study: Basics of the Bible

May 23, 2023

Kathleen Moore hopes to facilitate a 3-week summer Bible study focusing on the basics of the Bible. No prior background is expected and there will be no homework – all are welcome to join in this conversational learning experience!

Three weeks will allow us only to “dip our toes” into the waters of the Bible’s complexity. Who “wrote” the Bible and why? What is the context out of which our biblical history was written and formed into a canon? This will be a place to ask questions, share wonder, and “meet the Bible” in a way that honors both our contemporary context and the context out of which the Bible was brought forth. We will focus our learnings through a racial justice lens as Rock Spring enters into the racial justice audit that will amplify our church life in the future.

To make this opportunity accessible, the group will likely gather in the evening for an hour via Zoom, beginning in late June or early July. All who are interested will be polled to determine the group’s exact meeting time as well as the potential of a hybrid experience.

Please respond to Kathleen ASAP (or by the latest June 5) if you have even an inkling of interest! Feel free, in your response, to share days and times that work for you.