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Send a “Care Bear Prayer” on behalf of Migrant Children

June 4, 2021

Rock Spring is participating with the Interfaith Immigration Coalition’s “Care Bear Prayer” project, advocating for humanitarian-focused policies that welcome asylum-seeking families and children with care, mercy, and protection.

All are invited to download this teddy bear template and instructions here and write a message to Virginia’s US Senators in support of migrant children. If you prefer, you are welcome to simply write a letter. Care Bears/Letters should be mailed or delivered to Ashley no later than June 14 so they can be included with Rock Spring’s delivery.

From the Interfaith Immigration Coalition:

Asylum seeking families and children need our voices to urge for humanitarian-focused policies that welcome them with care, mercy, and protection. We ask for policies that allow them to remain as a family unit outside of detention centers or be reunited with family members in the United States as quickly as possible. We want to share the story of God’s loving welcome and justice!

People of all ages can engage their civic rights and reach out to elected officials about their thoughts and concerns. It is important that elected officials hear from current voters and future voters, since they are tasked to care for all of their constituents’ concerns. This activity invites all ages to participate in urging legislators to find ways to receive families and children with compassionate and humanitarian-centered methods. Learn more at