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Rock Spring Seeks Director of Faith Formation

April 2, 2022

Rock Spring is a learning community. We are curious, open-minded people of all ages who meet to nurture our intellectual and spiritual development. We help each other listen for the still-speaking God.


Rock Spring is seeking an innovative, inspiring, and inclusive leader to serve as our Director of Faith Formation, responsible for the visioning and coordination of Faith Formation programming for all ages, from young children through adults. We are an energetic and active community of learners, and we are eager to welcome an individual into this role who will lead with thoughtful and engaging offerings that provide the opportunities and environment for us to learn, grow, and connect. The Director of Faith Formation reports to the Senior Pastor and is a full-time position. It has a high degree of engagement with the Rock Spring community, particularly our children, youth, and families. We seek someone with a passion for faith formation, and we welcome either lay or ordained candidates for this role.

About Us:

Rock Spring is a vibrant, progressive church that is serious about cultivating joy, building community, seeking understanding, and putting our faith to work. We invite everyone to bring their whole selves to this community and we mean it when we say each Sunday, “whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

We recognize children and youth as integral parts of the church at every age and stage of their lives. We meet each one where they are on their journey, nurturing their faith and spirit as they grow more fully into the person God has already made them to be. Rock Spring is an intentional safe space where each child and youth is affirmed, encouraged, and celebrated for exactly who they are. Children and youth are always welcome in our worship services, as participants and leaders. Social justice and hands-on service are core components of our programs for children and youth.

Rock Springers believe in the importance of lifelong learning. We offer many settings for adults to explore their faith, how it impacts everyday life, and how to practice it in

the wider world. We also offer opportunities for intergenerational connection in worship and programs, bringing together the young and young-at-heart in service and learning.

Interested in learning more about us? We invite you to explore our website.

About Your Role:

You will be responsible for the overall direction and coordination of our Faith Formation programming for all ages. This includes shaping targeted programs and curricula for children, youth, and adults, as well as creating opportunities for intergenerational engagement and learning from one another and our community.

You get to amplify and translate the themes of our spiritual and congregational focus in ways that are accessible and practicable for Rock Springers across ages and stages. This includes participating in Sunday worship services, as well as identifying ways for children and youth to engage in and lead worship. We will look to your leadership in selecting and customizing curricula for Sunday School and in planning Youth Group programs and service projects. You will consider and coordinate adult education offerings, collaborating with lay leaders on congregational interests and needs. You get to imagine and organize special Faith Formation programs, both for specific age-group audiences as well as opportunities for intergenerational engagement. You’ll identify and coordinate volunteers to lead and support programs where needed, and enable them with training and preparation. You will have a broad platform to publicize Faith Formation happenings and resources to the congregation through our many communications channels, including emails, newsletters, and social media.

We will seek your creativity and flexibility in visioning not only the types of programming to bring to the congregation, but also in considering the means
and methods through which such programs are offered
(e.g., in-person, online, hybrid) with consideration for technologies and platforms.

You will be encouraged and empowered to introduce new ideas and to bring your own perspective to this role. We are a dynamic congregation with a healthy appetite for “holy experiments,” and we look forward to supporting our new leader in this space.

Are you excited about this opportunity? So are we! For more information, please reach out via email: