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Net Zero Project Update

May 17, 2021

The first phase of the Net Zero Project should be completed by the end of July. As you may recall the major aspects of the first phase were to include the installation of a new roof on Carpenter Hall; removal of old insulation and installation of new insulation in the attics of the Sanctuary, Choir Room, Neighborhood House, Carpenter Hall and the Parsonage; a new ceiling in Carpenter Hall; and, installation of solar panels on the Carpenter Hall roof.

To date the new roof has been installed on Carpenter Hall with GAF Timberline 30 year architectural shingles. The old insulation has been removed from the Sanctuary, Choir Room, Parsonage and Neighborhood House attics and replaced with new insulation.  Both the Sanctuary and the Neighborhood House attics now have blown cellulose insulation to achieve an R49 level. In the Parsonage attic the contractor installed R30 Kraft -Faced fiberglass insulation. In the Choir Room attic, the roofdeck was covered with closed cell foam insulation to achieve an R 38 insulation level. This closed cell insulation was then covered with intumescent paint to create a 15 minute thermal barrier.

As of this writing, all other work on Carpenter Hall has been on hold due to contractor delays in taking down the dropdown ceiling. The contractor is scheduled to remove the dropdown ceiling on May 14th, 15th, and 16th. Once this is completed the solar panel contractor, Sustainable Energy Systems, will begin the installation of a 44.03kW Photovoltaic Solar array in two phases. The first phase is the laying of conduit under the roofdeck in Carpenter Hall. The second phase will consist of installing an array of 119 REC 370 watt Alpha series panels or modules; one Solaredge Inverter and DC Optimizer; and, an Everest Crossrail Racking System (for asphalt shingles).  We anticipate that all this work will be completed by the end of July barring any unforeseen complications like the slow permitting process we encountered with Arlington County during the campus renewal process.

Once the first phase of the solar installation is completed, we will have Fifth Fuel, the insulation contractor, return to remove all the batt insulation from the Carpenter Hall roof deck and replace it with closed cell foam insulation to achieve an R38 insulation level. This closed cell insulation will then be covered with intumescent paint to create a 15 minute thermal barrier.

After the Carpenter Hall insulation is put into place, the new dropdown ceiling will be installed and the first phase of the Net Zero project will be completed.

To add some icing on the cake, the Property Board has recently installed a new hot water heater and furnace in the Parsonage. This will certainly provide an additional impact to our heating and air conditioning savings and will have a significant impact on our Net Zero contributions.

We will be starting the second phase of the Net Zero project shortly. This phase will include getting estimates and proposals from contractors for designing and installing building automation, to include security, heating and a/c controls, lighting controls, etc.; installation of new windows in Neighborhood House and the Parsonage; and, installation of shades in the Sanctuary windows.

~ Peter Geiger