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Keep the Magic Going -- Donate Altar Flowers!


Sign up to donate altar flowers! 

Altar flowers will be featured on the video of our livestream services , and delivered to you after the service or taken to someone in need. Flowers can be donated to celebrate a special occasion or honor a loved one, or simply for the joy of seeing our altar decked out in beautiful flowers each week. Please sign up directly using the link below. If you would prefer to sign up a different way (i.e. not online), please call Angela Manning at 703-527-7729 or email her at angelamanning9@gmail.com.

Altar Flower Donation Online Sign-Up 

Thank you for all our past and future flowers!

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The Rock Spring Life Retreat can’t be held in person this year, but the Planning Team is encouraging all Rock Springers to save the date of Saturday, February 6 for a “Choose Your Own Adventure” retreat day.