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January 2022 Reopening Update

January 2, 2022

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

– Romans 12:12

Dear Members and Friends of Rock Spring,

The Reopening Task Force recommended this week that Council move the campus to Phase 1 of Rock Spring’s reopening plan through the end of January, given the eightfold increase in virus cases in Arlington and surrounding neighborhoods over the past few weeks and the strain that dramatic spike in infections is likely to pose for healthcare workers in our community.

Under Phase 1:

  • worship services will continue online but will be discontinued in person,
  • the office will remain open for visitors,
  • small groups of not more than 10 may meet indoors when prearranged with the staff, and
  • groups of 50 or fewer may meet outdoors.

The Task Force will continue its careful monitoring of the latest public health guidance. We anticipate making an additional reopening recommendation to Council in February. A distinguishing characteristic of the omicron variant is the great speed with which it is spreading. While it is concerning to see the rate of infection in our area spike so dramatically, we hope it will retreat just as quickly over a period of weeks, rather than months.

When circumstances allow, we anticipate recommending that Council reopen the campus swiftly, balancing our desire to quickly return to in-person uses of the campus with our commitment to maintain the safety of our Staff, the Congregation, and our neighbors.

On this Epiphany Sunday, we are mindful of God’s invitation to follow stars, to be where the light is, and to anticipate His revelation at the margins.

Faithfully yours,

The Reopening Task Force
Vince Meehan, Chair
Rob Rainhart, Vice Chair
Frank Kovzelove
Susan Limberg
Ashley Martinage
Kathy Morland
Megan Tetrick

E-vote Resolution

Phase 1 of the reopening plan through the end of January. The Reopening Task Force recommends that Council determine that Rock Spring is in Phase 1 through the end of January. We will continue to carefully monitor the virus’s rapid spread in our area and anticipate returning with another recommendation for Council in February. When circumstances allow, we anticipate recommending that Council reopen the campus swiftly.

Phase 1 Guidelines

Indoor Activities:

  • Reopen office for visitors
  • Small group meetings on campus, no more than 10 total
  • Seating pre-positioned, 6-feet apart
  • Reservations or sign-in required for contact tracing
  • Masks required
  • No singing (except masked small ensembles, spaced at least 12-feet apart, to record music for worship, under the direction of the Director of Music)
  • No food/drink

Outdoor activities:

  • Groups of 50 or fewer, use of designated indoor restrooms permissible when prearranged with staff