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Faith & Democracy: Opportunities for Activism


Virginia recently purged thousands of Virginia residents from the voter rolls. To ensure everyone is able to have a voice through voting, Rock Spring will participate in a new post card campaign informing those impacted by the purge that they are no longer on the rolls & provide details on how to re-register. Post cards will be sent in late March/early April. Look for details soon about where to pick up the post cards & how to participate. It will be similar to the post card campaign last Fall.


SAVE THE DATE – Voting Rights Panel – March 28, 12-1:15pm EST

Join Rock Spring’s Faith and Democracy team on March 28th to learn from area non-profit organizations about voting rights initiatives in Virginia and nationwide. Real change comes from the ability to vote, and across the country, many in our communities face restrictions that stop them from having a voice through voting. From voter roll purges to accessibility of polling places to strict ID requirements, the issues are far-ranging and disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and Disabled people. Attendees will leave the panel with action steps on how to ensure everyone can participate in our country’s democracy.


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The United Church of Christ issued an emergency appeal for support for those suffering from the winter storms in Texas and other states.