Expanding The Circle of Care With Our Prayers

For a number of years, a Rock Spring prayer circle has lifted up members in need of healing and support. Many of us have felt buoyed by these prayers for us and our loved ones. Each month prayer circle members received a letter which provided a list of those who wished to be prayed for. Anita Cline last served as the scribe for the prayer circle and with her passing, it is time to renew our efforts as part of Rock Spring’s caring ministry. Barb Keish, Stacie Northrup, and Gail Howell met with Rev. Laura Martin recently to discuss the way forward. We concluded that the monthly letter should be re-instated; however, we lack an accurate list of those who wish to continue as part of the prayer circle so we will be starting anew. We also wish to invite others interested in joining this important caring ministry. Please let us know if you would like to be a part of the prayer circle in receiving letters by sending an email to prayerlist@rockspringucc.org, or by letting Barb, Stacie, or Gail know of your interest in being included. You can also share prayer requests directly with pastors or through that same email.

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