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Council Sets Goals for 2022

March 25, 2022

In 2022, our goals build upon the strategy outlined by the Strategic Planning Task Force and adopted by Council in 2021, applying to every aspect of our ministries.


We seek to create hope and healing by bringing God’s love into the world, our community, and lives. Our ever-changing environment demands that we continually breathe new life into our ministry and mission.

In 2022 our goals build upon the strategy outlined in 2021, applying to every aspect of our ministries. We have outlined 4 goals along with supporting outcomes.

Goal #1: Renew our community and create a shared vision for Rock Spring’s future.

Description: Facilitate the Imagine process with hopes for the following outcomes:

  • A vision for our primary areas of focus for the future
  • Renewed energy for our ministry, mission, and community
  • New opportunities for connection and engagement
  • Growth without losing what was good before the pandemic

Goal #2: Prayerfully, creatively, and thoughtfully plan evolving programming in all areas of ministry to meet the needs of the current congregation as we experience staff transition.

Description: Facilitate the staff transition with the hopes of the following outcomes:

  • Identify a permanent (or interim) person for faith formation by August 1
  • Support staff in successfully integrating into the new configuration with space for them to bring their own gifts and style (including boards and committees)
  • Provide timely communication throughout the time of transition to the staff and congregation.

Goal #3: Celebrate our hybrid capabilities and embrace technology to unify our congregation and broaden our ministry.

Description: Facilitate the sustainment and growth of our ever-expanding immersive experience with the hopes of the following outcomes:

  • Continue to create an immersive experience for everyone of all ages and abilities.
  • Fully utilize technology to support our operations and improve efficiency.
  • Create a longer-term plan for how we evolve those operations. (i.e. budget and staff implications)
  • Growing awareness throughout the congregation.
  • Working to meet members and their families wherever they are

Goal #4: Infuse hope and healing for these times in everything we do.

Description: Recognizing that everyone is on their own journey in this year that is impacted by so many things we seek to provide hope and healing in all that we do through our actions, plans, programs, and energy.