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Council Corner – January 2024

February 6, 2024

What a joyous way to begin the new church year—we welcomed new members, the choir brought down the house with Cry Out and Shout, the potluck returned, and more than 100 Rock Springers, in person and online, gathered for our 2024 Annual Meeting. It was a day that reflected all of our values—inclusion, generosity, faith-filled, joyful, and a commitment to learning and justice. How wonderful it is to be a part of this community.

At the Annual Meeting, we elected new members to Rock Spring’s many boards and committees and shared our thanks for outgoing leaders (I think of them as leaders on sabbatical—just catching a renewing breath before taking on something new!). Belonging to a congregational church is truly a participatory sport. It takes all of us—whether we are teaching Sunday school, ushering, serving on a Board or pouring a welcoming cup of coffee. Thank you all for what you do in ways large and small to make Rock Spring such a vibrant and caring community.

I am excited to serve as Rock Spring Council chair in the year ahead, and grateful to Megan Tetrick who has returned to Council as vice chair. In just a few weeks, the Council will gather for its retreat to set goals for the year ahead. I am confident that many of our 2023 goals will continue—a focus on deepening engagement, building community both in person and online, and long-term financial and facilities planning. And, I am sure there will be new priorities as well.  If there is a something you would like Council to be working on, we would love to hear from you, now, or anytime over the coming year.

Let all we do be done in love,
Cheryl Ramp, Council Chair