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A large brick and stone sign that says Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ with lawn in front, and trees and a brick building in back.

A Note from Rock Spring’s Church Council

April 30, 2021

Dear Members and Friends of Rock Spring,

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since the pandemic began. A year ago, we were just beginning to grapple with our new reality. At times it felt like we were standing still or even moving backwards. We patiently waited, looking for signs of hope and improvement, all the while processing the traumatic events occurring around us. We persevered by establishing a virtual world where we continued our ministry, met new friends, and welcomed them into our community. Resiliency really is a mindset.

With vaccination rates in our community growing, we feel it is time to begin planning for reopening. This month, Council established a framework for safely resuming in-person uses of the Rock Spring campus, where the staff and small groups would return first, and we would slowly return to the campus in phases. We, of course, realize that many of our congregants and neighbors, and all of our children, remain unvaccinated and otherwise vulnerable. So we will have to take it one step at a time. The transition to “remote” church required a great deal of ingenuity, flexibility, and patience. The transition back, we imagine, will require no less. For now, we believe it is reasonable to expect that the campus will generally remain closed for several additional months, though Council and the staff will continue to look for outdoor opportunities and we hope to invite small groups back to the campus before too long (with appropriate precautions). We expect that indoor worship at Rock Spring will not resume before September.

In the coming months, Council will present the reopening plan to the Congregation through several information sharing sessions. We plan to combine information sessions on the strategic plan developed earlier this year, along with the reopening plan, as they are complementary topics. We are mindful that as a faith community Rock Spring has changed and likely won’t return in the same way we left. We plan to embrace the best of the change while honoring our past as we begin the process of returning.

Faithfully yours,

Vince Meehan, Council Chair
Rob Rainhart, Vice Chair