A woman claps during a hymn
A close up of a man's hands playing a Steinway piano.


Singing out with others is the greatest expression of joy and love that God gives us. When else in your life can you raise your voice to its very limits of height and volume and have people smile at you for the effort?

Pam Quanrud

Rock Spring has a vibrant and welcoming music program for all ages. We have choirs for singers and bell ringers of all ages, and you are warmly welcomed to participate! Or perhaps you play an instrument and would be willing to offer your musical gifts in worship.

Please contact our Interim Director of Music, Eduardo Castro, to find out how to get involved.

“Whenever someone says, ‘The Men’s Ensemble sounded great today!’ I always respond that it sounds as good as it does because we have so much fun and truly enjoy each other. Singing together is a favorite pastime of my Dad and me. Having the community and music of the ensemble to share with him is a wonderful blessing.”

Jason Henderson