Justice and Peace Mission Fund

Description: The Justice and Peace Mission Fund has four broad areas of interest based on the Just Peace framework of the United Congregational Church. These four areas include: 1) For Just Peace in the community – so that all may live free from fear; 2) For Just Peace with the Earth – so that life is sustained; 3) For Just Peace in the marketplace – so that all may live with dignity; 4)For Just Peace among the nations – so that human lives are protected. Please describe how the request you are seeking helps to advance these goals and activities. What will the funding be used for, and why are these funds needed?
Timeline: What is the expected timeline and the approximate number of people who would benefit from the requested support?
Success: Please explain how you will measure the success of the activities funded by the support?
Optional Question for funding designated to another organization: What is the name of the organization and what is/are the organization’s core focus, mission, or activities? Are they a non-profit group? If they have a website, please include a link to the website and a link to the organization’s 990. In addition, please explain how you know this group? Why are they the best group to receive this support?
Information: Please write the exact name of the organization/individual as it should appear on the check. Please indicate the address where a check should be sent.