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Gender Perception and Identity

As part of Rock Spring’s testament to our abundant and generous welcome, we are committed to the appreciation of diversity, including diversity of gender perception and identity. We offer community events where panelists come together to discuss gender identity, gender spectrum, gender non-conforming children, and transgender.

Audio and Video recordings are available for some of our previous panel discussions below.

Kye Allums was born Kyler Kelcian “Kay-Kay” Allums and grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. He says he identified from childhood as a man in a woman’s body. Kye made history as the first openly transgender athlete to play on an NCA.  View the complete videotaped forum

View the video of the "Understanding Gender: The T in LGBT and the Trans in All of Us" forum and listen to Question and Answer segments from the "Understanding Gender" forum (.mp3):

1. “What are the distinctions between gay, lesbian, trans-sexual, and transgender and how do they relate to sexual orientation?”

2. “What criteria determines whether someone is transgender or not?”

3. “I received a diagnosis of transvestism fetish, but I think I am transgender. What is your opinion on such a diagnosis?

4. “I have learned that my insurance has an exclusion for transgender. What recourse do I have?”

5. “When people don’t realize they are transgender until puberty or thereabouts, what kind of outcome do you see?”

6. Society gives messages to children about gender, and it becomes hardwired into all of us. Sharing stories helps open doors. Things ARE changing!






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