Faith and Democracy

The right to vote is precious, almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent tool in a democratic society. We must use it.”   Rep. John Lewis

The right to vote is indeed the most powerful nonviolent tool in a democratic society. Every other justice cause is impacted by whether citizens can participate fully, freely, and fairly in elections.

Recognizing this, Rock Spring is participating in the UCC Central Atlantic Conference’s Faith and Democracy 2022 campaign. The campaign represents a unified, and strategic initiative to engage justice leaders, clergy, and churches in non-partisan civic engagement including (1) Voter Registration; (2) Voter Education; (3) Get Out The Vote; (4) Election Protection; and (5) Voting Rights Advancement and Combatting Voter Suppression.

In Virginia, the Central Atlantic Conference is partnering with the UCC’s Southern Conference so that we can build a State-wide effort that will engage low-voter turnout communities throughout Virginia. We will again be partnering with the Center for Common Ground to reach out to voters in those communities to encourage them to vote and to provide them with election information.

While there are no State-wide races here in Virginia in 2022, all 11 of Virginia’s House of Representative seats will be contested.

The Virginia Department of Elections website provides a host of Elections-related information including information on how and where to register and vote in Virginia and on voting deadlines. Learn more about ways to Make A Plan to Vote.

Also, Ballotpedia provides links to information on the candidates running for office in each of Virginia’s 11 Districts as well as up-to-date projections of the likely outcome of each race.