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Great Courses: Religions in the Ancient Mediterranean World (via Zoom)

  • Date: Sunday, July 9, 2023
  • Time: 10:00am10:45am

Led by Dwight Rodgers.

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 846 1030 7017

Passcode: 666321

How did people of ancient times cope with the overwhelming mysteries of the universe? The cycles of nature kept predictable time with the sun, moon, and stars; yet, without warning, crops failed, diseases struck, storms wreaked havoc, and empires fell.

In the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, they responded with a rich variety of religious beliefs that have provided some of Western civilization’s most powerful texts.

People also responded with a complex array of religious rituals that survive in the archaeological remains of temples, cultic statues, funerary goods, and household devotional items—artifacts that are among the world’s greatest cultural treasures.

In these lectures, Professor Glenn S. Holland uses such textual and archaeological evidence to explore the religious cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world.

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