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Caring & Learning

Rock Spring Church is committed to building a caring community that continues to nurture people at every stage of their spiritual journey, from the youngest toddler to the oldest seeker. 

All week long, we offer and encourage opportunties to learn about faith and life. We seek to create a learning environment where people of all ages can dig deeply into the Scriptures, into prayer, into human interactions, into anything that they find important. We pay attention to the faith formation of our children and young people and are always seeking new and relevant ways to help them integrate Christian faith into family, school, and friendships, and to create a place of joy and love.

We invite you to explore all that we have to offer and to come back often to discover new ways through which your faith and your life can be nourished.


Shared by Karin Croft:
The Parable of the Shared Bread

And He said to them: should not religions come together in hard times over shared bread?

When it came time for the Easter celebration, as it is now known but was not then, the baker planned her ritual meal to begin with the breaking of bread and sharing of the cup of wine.  The baker, a woman, went to the market but found that none of the stalls had flour for sale nor yeast. How could she bake?  She went to one of the disciples for help who collected flour on her behalf but could not find any yeast.

Word of her need spread and soon the Rabbi’s baker paid her a visit to recount the history of the Jews hasty flight from Egypt resulting in the unleavened bread eaten in commemoration at Passover.  And the Imam’s baker heard about the woman’s quandary and came to tell of flat breads baked on hot stones for the iftar after each day’s Ramadan fast.

The woman took these stories back, and baked and baked.  She then shared her soft, flat breads with those celebrating Easter, Passover and Ramadan.  Their common lot brought them together to break bread, but in their own ways.


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