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Commitments We Have Made

Here at Rock Spring we express our commitment to our values in tangible ways.


Everyone is welcome at our table. Gay, straight, single, married, widowed, divorced, rich, poor, healthy, ill, left, right, sure or unsure. For many years, Rock Spring and the United Church of Christ have welcomed members of the the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and we seek to continue to widen that welcome. The congregation voted to be “Open & Affirming” in 2000 and LGBT persons are fully a part of our community and our church’s leadership. While we are advocates for marriage equality and seek to further understanding about sexuality, several of our members have been known to say something like, “I love it that we are welcome here, but I am especially glad that my sexuality is not considered all that interesting.” Be who you are. Love who you love.


Children are a vital and vibrant part of our community. We want them to have so much fun here that they become the ones pushing their parents to attend. We want them to build meaningful friendships and learn the stories of our faith. We want them to experience the love of God and this community. And, we want them to be safe. In 2010, Rock Spring adopted a resolution affirming its commitment to being a safe church.  With this resolution, we made the commitment to be sure that everyone working with children and youth have background checks on file and that there are always two adults with every group of children. 


“We now need to put as much effort into defining a just peace as we have done in defining a just war.” This was the challenge from Dr. Robert V. Moss, the second president of the United Church of Christ, in 1971. The UCC has defined Just Peace as the interrelation of friendship, justice and common security from violence. Our commitment to being a Just Peace church inspires us toward direct service, legislative advocacy, and courageous witness.


This isn’t your grandparents’ mission work. We recognize that we are a global community and that our world will be stronger when we can learn, share, and grow together. We are currently in the early stages of forming a partnership with the Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem, a Lutheran congregation that shares our commitment to working toward peace in that region.

Latest News

Please support the UCC’s Faith and Democracy 2020 campaign, Reclaim Our Vote, by sending out postcards aimed at increasing voter participation by persons of color in the November 2020 election.

All month, Rock Springers are invited to work on a collaborative art project. We will be creating a mosaic image, comprised of 65 paper “tiles." Would you like to color one or more?