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Culpepper Garden is located on five acres in the heart of Arlington County and in named in hone or Dr. Charles Culpepper, a botanist who owned the property and made it available for housing for low-income seniors. Today, Culpepper Garden is a model for senior affordable housing because of the top quality management of the residential complex and the services provided through the extraordinary partnerships with Arlington County, state and federal agencies, the faith-based community, volunteers, nonprofit agencies and community leaders. In fact, Culpepper Garden III was the first, and one of the only, HUD subsidized affordable assisted living centers in the country.

Rock Spring members have provided assistance to Culpepper Garden in a wide variety of manners. In 2014 a large group worked outside in the gardens while another group led a sing-along and individual and small group games inside. Several members regularly volunteer to help individual residents with their chores, shopping or activities while others participate in events and entertainment in the Senior Center on the lower level. As part of the November Fifth Sundays Rock Spring members of all ages will share cookies and provide holiday cheer to the residents by caroling, playing games and possibly helping decorate for the season. Many of the residents in Culpepper Garden’s assisted living cannot afford the care they need. They are supported through grants. Rock Spring, through the Community Partner grants program, has donated financially to help off-set these expenses again this year.

To reach the goal of developing a closer, deeper and more meaningful relationship with Culpepper Garden through all ministries of the church, selected in 2014 as one of Rock Spring’s six community partners, we could: (a) increase our participation in weekend garden projects with members of all ages and abilities; (b) encourage more individuals to sign up for one-time or re-occurring volunteer opportunities like assisting residents with chores, shopping or doctor visits; (c) agree to run a monthly game night, armchair travel presentations, karaoke party or afternoon social; (d) continue to provide assistance and cheer as part of major holiday events. For additional information about how to be involved with Culpepper Garden, contact The Board for Social Action and Mission at


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Our Sanctuary choir will be resuming rehearsals on Thursday, September 6 at 7:30 p.m. and will sing our first anthem on Sunday, September 9th for the 10:00 a.m. service. There are many chairs available in the loft so please come and join us!

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