Our Campus

Rock Spring has a beautiful campus with several distinctive features.

Neighborhood House

This was the oldest building on campus until it was torn down and rebuilt in 1950. Neighborhood House has served as both a church and a community center.  It is now used primarily for meetings, youth group events, and community group meetings.


Rock Spring is home to the oldest active lending library in Arlington County. The Library Committee works each week to update offerings and to be available to help people every Sunday morning. Located beneath the Sanctuary, access may be gained through the Office door.

Rock Spring Cooperative Pre-school

Founded in 1943 by a group of caring and inventive mothers, Rock Spring is a parent-run school, with a teacher-led curriculum, and children-led play.  It is the oldest cooperative pre-school in Arlington. Read more about the pre-school...

Memorial Terrace

Located along side the Sanctuary on the Little Falls Rd. side. Members and non-members who wish to inter ashes of loved ones may choose this lovely spot adjacent to the church. Arrangements can be made by contacting the office.

Peace Pole

Rock Spring is committed to being a Just Peace Church. The Peace Pole, located on the Little Falls Rd. side of the Sanctuary near the Memorial Terrace, is a visual reminder of that commitment. Rock Spring dedicated a new Peace Pole on September 14, 2014 as a a sign of our continuing commitment to peace. The original Peace Pole was installed in 1994.

Campus Renewal

Rock Spring made the commitment to "rejoice, renew, reimagine" our campus, and have begun renovations to our narthex, our sound system, and purchased a new organ.  This fall we began the long-awaited renovations to Neighborhood house and our administrative areas.  Read more about our campus renewal project...


Latest News

Rock Springers are answering the call to save lives by donating blood. You are encouraged to invite family, friends and collegeaues to participate. Sign up by letting Laura Martin or Hugh Barton know you’d like to be scheduled. Online registration will be available at a later date.

On Sunday, May 20 join us to celebrate the completion of the Campus Renewal Project. We will begin our celebration with worship from 10:00 - 11:15 a.m. Our worship experience will include some recognition of those intimately engaged with this work over the past several years.