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Worship Services

10:00 a.m. worship from May 24 through September 6

9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. from the Sunday after Labor Day until Memorial Day

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5010 Little Falls Road
Arlington, Virginia 22207

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Our Mission
Open & Affirming

Our Mission

Rock Spring is a progressive Christian community – welcoming, compassionate, and joyful. We love and care for one another. We strive to discern God’s still-speaking voice through worship, study, fellowship, and service. We work for peace and social, economic and ecological justice. We seek a greater understanding of others, and thus ourselves, recognizing that all persons are members of our one human family. Our community prepares and sustains us as we work together to bring about the world that we believe God intends.

Open & Affirming

Rock Spring is committed to the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons into our life and community. In 2000, Rock Spring adopted an Open and Affirming statement, which reaffirms the dignity of all persons in the church and in society. In 2007, the Open and Affirming statement was updated to include full and equal marriage in society and commited the congregation to witness to full civil rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In the years ahead Rock Spring will continue to extend its welcome by witnessing to God's inclusive love for all people.

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Programs for Children and Youth at Rock Spring


We'll nurture and care for your youngster while you are worshiping with us. We also provide nursery care for many Rock Spring events, as well.

Toddlers & Pre-School

Your three to five-year-old will attend the pre-school class during the worship service.

Kindergarten – Sixth Grade

We have adopted the "Shine" curriculum for your grade school child, with activities involving art, music, science and other media..

Seventh and Eighth Grades

The youth meet each Sunday for study of the relationships between current issues, Rock Spring UCC, and the wider church.

Latest News

Members and friends of Rock Spring are welcome to join Pastor Mark in participating in the 32nd Annual Pride Interfaith Service at All Souls Unitarian Church in the District on June 9.

There are four openings this summer for altar flower donations – June 21 and 28, July 5, and August 16. Flowers are often donated in commemoration or thanksgiving and a dedication appears in the bulletin. Summer is a lovely time to create your own arrangement if you wish to do so.

We take Jesus’ teachings to serve others seriously both in and outside our church walls.

Rock Spring is blessed with pastors who are able to speak to the relevant issues facing all of us. Always fresh and current, the sermons you will hear at Rock Spring will resonate with you as you walk through your life each week. In fact, many of our members and visitors will often comment, “Did you write this week’s sermon for me?”

Try us out! Listen to some of the most recent sermons on the audio .mp3 links below, or watch parts of the full service by clicking on the video link.

 (by Laura Martin)

There are three things to keep:

Awe, and the place where we first felt it,

Belonging, and the people in whose company is it composed,

Laughter, and the circumstances in which it’s made.

There are three things to discard:

Guilt, and the way its scar tissue keeps us from moving freely,

Convenience, as the best way to do something,

Fear, and the soldiers of its army of attentive anxiety.

There are three things to learn:

Compassion, and the bewildering way it both connects us and sets us free,